X-Band Cordless Band Saw, Portaband, Portable Band saw

STOUT Tool Corp brings you the most revolutionary tool to hit the industry since the cordless drill. Over 30,000 companies have switched to the X-Band, Portaband, Portable Band saw.


  • World’s First one-hand cordless band saw, Portaband, Portable Band saw
  • Compact, lightweight design reduces muscle strain (CTS)
  • Complete projects faster, safer, easier
  • Powerful, versatile -- cuts virtually anything
  • Portability means taking the saw to the materials, not the other way around
  • Quiet, comfortable to use
  • No vise required
  • One hand Band saw, Cordless Band saw, Portaband saw, Portable Band saw, Compact Band saw


Net Weight: 9 lbs
Size: 15” L x 9-5/16” W
Cutting Capacity: 2 1/2”
Power: 18V 2.0Ah NiCd Battery
Portaband, Portable Band saw:


  • (2)18V 2.0Ah NiCd Battery
  • One hour smart charger
  • One year warranty on saw, batteries and charger
  • Portaband, Portable Band saw, Cordless Band saw
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